Monday, 6 May 2013

The final countdown.....

Back in November, I committed to racing at 24 hours of Exposure - the UK and European solo mtb championships at Wasing Estate on 11/12 May. It would be my main challenge for the year and something I have been working towards for nearly 3 years.

I started training for this race with my fantastic coaches Kate and Ian Potter from A Quality Ride Coaching over 7 months ago. And now there is less than a week to go!

There have been many hours in the gym, quite a few hours in the pool, some very wet and muddy rides over the winter, a few dry rides when the sun finally appeared in the last few weeks, some late night rides and some early morning rides. I enjoyed a week in the sun in Portugal with AQR, some great riding in Wales with friends and plenty more rides that I seem to have forgotten, perhaps blanked out in the sea of mud that was the British winter......

In March, I bought a very nice new Scott Spark 29er from my sponsors at Mountain Trax to add to my Scott Scale 26er. Both bikes have had their fair share of shiny new parts and are prepped and ready to go.

Now I just need to pack up the rest of the stuff on my big list of spares, kit and food and it will be time to go. I'm both nervous and excited but as I have said to the many people who ask me why on earth would I want to do a 24 hour race? My answer is always the same: I get to ride my bike for 24 hours, what's not to like!

Now I just need to hope that I don't end up with 'The Final Countdown' in my head for the whole 24 hours......

Massive thanks have to go out to the people that have supported me in this adventure:

Mountain Trax - for their sponsorship, support and bike fettling over the last 3 years
Kate and Ian Potter of AQR Coaching-  for their belief in me, their knowledge, advice and support
Four4th Lights - for the loan of lights to get me through the dark hours of the race
Anne Dickins and Jenny Heron - for physio advice to get my body functioning efficiently
Mum and Dad - for love, support and financial aid to buy my new bike
Tim Beresford - for being the one that started it all by helping build my first mtb and for agreeing to be chief spanner at the race
Bridget Beresford - for letting Tim out to ride when I have come to stay, listening when I needed to chat and helping me to shop when I'm not riding my bike!
Jo Holtom - for the hours in the gym, the hours on the bike, mutual love of Daniel Craig and for agreeing to be chief Faffy-feeder at the race
Gaz Hurst - for bringing me some flip flops, understanding how to get rid of "stressy Faffy" when she makes an appearance and agreeing to make sure I keep the pedals turning for 24 hours......

And to the friends I haven't seen for a while, I promise that normal service will resume soon after the race....whatever that may be!

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